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      • 2019 SUPER 空手道ジュニアワールドグランプリ 沖縄

        2019 SUPER 空手道ジュニアワールドグランプリ 沖縄大会は13か国200名による参加があり 成功裡に終了いたしました。 Read More »
      • Video: Kata Sochin

        Kata Sochin is a very popular Kata found in many styles of Karate. In Shorinjiryu the kata is practiced at a senior black belt level of Sandan (3rd) dan and above. The kata emphasizes strong stances and center of gravity with purposeful steps. In this respect the kata can be classified within the Goho (hard) Read More »
      • Video: Kata Koshiki Bassai

        Kata Koshiki Bassai is the original form of the more commonly known name of Kata Bassai. Most styles of Karate practice a modified form of the Kata known as Bassai-Dai. However, for Shorinjiryu the Koshiki form of the Kata is the standard form to be practiced. The kata is typically taught at the Ni-kyu or Read More »
      • Intership At The Hombu

        Are you interested in a 1 Year Internship at the Hombu dojo in Tokyo. Obtain a visa for 1 year through the Hombu, train as much as you like, we help you to get an apartment and a job. Chance of a lifetime. Already 3 new Interns for this year. More spots available. Read More »
      • Video: Kata Happiken

        Kata Happiken is considered an intermediate level kata typically taught to green belt and brown belt practitioners. The kata was developed by Hanshi Hisataka specifically to assist North American karateka when he was in the United States circa 1964 through 1967. Hanshi Hisataka believed that the geometry and movements of Happiken were more suited to Read More »
      • Video: Kata Saisan

        Like Sanchin Kata, Seisan kata is aimed at developing footwork, strong stances, ki, and breath control. It is also an isometric body building form of exercise, however, the techniques displayed in Seisan are more advanced than in Sanchin. Its stances are wider and the postures are “half face front” (hanmai, body diagonal to the front).  Read More »
      • 7 New Pakistan Koshiki World Grand Prix

        7 News Pakistan reported from onsite at the 2017 World Grand Prix Koshiki Tournament held in Shin-Urayasu in November 2017. The tournament was a great success as shown by the video. Read More »
      • Video: Super Safe Protective Gear Fighting System

        Shorinjiryu Kenkokan is a full contact fighting system. In order to practice full contact a system of protective gear called SuperSafe was developed by So Shihan Masayuki Hisataka. The system allows the participants to execute full contact techniques to the body and head in a safe environment without injury. Read More »
      • Video: Bunkai Kumite Bassai

        An example of Bunkai Kumite from the 2017 World Koshiki Tournament held in London, Ontario. Performing Bassai Bunkai is Shihan Andrew Riley, Sensei Nick King and Sensei Scott Chaffey. The trio won the gold medal for Bunkai. It was a great demonstration loved by the crowd. Read More »
      • Video: Renshu Ni Kumite

        Renshu Kumite Ni is the second of two prearranged sequences (yakusoku randori kumite) developed by Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Hisataka to assist karatedo students to refine their favorite techniques into effective sequences utilizing both offensive and defensive strategies. Read More »
      • Video: Renshu Ichi Kumite

        Renshu Kumite Ichi emphasizes the use of the front hand and is recommended for 10th and 9th kyu students while Renshu Kumite Ni teaches the use of the back hand, and is recommended for 8th and 7th kyu students. Read More »
      • Video: Kata Nijushiho-Dai

        The original name of this kata is “Niseishi” kata meaning “Twenty-four movements”. It was developed by Okinawan karate Masters and was designed both for empty-hand and weapon fighting. It has since been adapted by Shinan Kori Hisataka in Kenkokan Karatedo. In fact, there are not twenty-four movements in Nijushiho. There is a second hidden meaning Read More »
      • Video: Ten-Chi-Jin Kumite

        The ten-chi-jin kumite are six basic attack and counter-attack sequences, three using hand techniques and three using foot techniques, which are designed to develop the ability to decide the correct distancing for a particular technique and also the most effective footwork to get close with that technique. Read More »
      • Video: Kata Koshiki Naihanchin

        This kata describes its intent, purpose, and meaning in its name, which literally means "fighting in a narrow space." there are various versions of this kata and the prefix Koshiki indicates that this particular version is thought to be an original or ancient version. Read More »
      • Video Kata Kudaka No Naihanchin

        Kata Naihanchin is a fundamental kata within the Shorinjiryu system. Both adults and children learn Kata Naihanchin typically as their first kata. Kata Naihanchin focuses on sideways fighting with strong stances and the execution of strong kicks and punches. They kata is typically performed with both a right and left side. Read More »