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The practitioners of Shorinjiryu are fortunate and grateful to have such a tremendous leader in the person of Hanshi Hisataka. His martial arts experience spans 70+ years and with his wealth of knowledge there is always something new to learn from him. Here you will find links to thoughts from Hanshi filled with important things to consider when you are training Karatedo. Please make sure to visit this page again as new entries will be made over time.


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      • Short History Original Style

        SHORINJIRYU KENKOKAN KARATEDO Original Style of Ryukyu (Okinawa) Karate Okinawa is the birth place of original karatedo. And in fact the first public demonstration of Karate was given in Okinawa in 1906. The first style develop was based in the town of Shuri on Ryukyu Island. The second style was developed based in the town Read More »
      • Expanding Karatedo

        "What do we need to do to further the expansion of Contact Karatedo?" First, we must think about what each Shihan has to do from a basic point of view. Each Shihan and each member of the committee should know each other, and freely communicate regarding their current situation. Read More »
      • Definition And Purpose of Kata

        All the fundamental element of karatedo have been put into formal sets of systematized sequences thoroughly developed, codified, and improved by dedicated karatedo Masters through the course of several centuries. Read More »
      • Kata Training

        This method is derived from the principle of the four seasons, combined with proper breathing. Kata training will improve the mind, technique and body, teaching self-defense while giving one a healthy body and mind. Read More »
      • Commercialization of Dan Degrees

        It is deplorable that some Karateka become too commercialized and lose the true spirit of Karate-do as a martial art. Basically, Karateka should train hard to seek the truth of karate with a high level of knowledge and technique, compete at many International tournaments and contribute for Karate society. Read More »