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Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 80th Birthday

Founder of Koshiki Karatedo Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Hisataka

Happy 80th Birthday!

Thank you very much for your long time Guidance.

久高正之空観範士 80歳(傘寿)お誕生日おめでとうございます。



Updated DOJO KUN 道場訓

少林寺流拳行館 道場訓 Dojo Kun

一、 礼儀作法を正しく行うこと

Rei gi saho wo tadashiku okonau koto

一、 勝負の原理を極めること

Shobuno Genri wo kiwameru koto

一、 真善美の探求に努めること

Shin zen bi no tankyu ni Tsutomeru koto

一、 自信と勇気を持って行動すること

Jishin to yuki wo motte kodo suru koto

一、 人格の完成に努力すること

Jinkaku no kansei ni doryoku suru koto

Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Dojokun (School Principles)

1. Maintain propriety, etiquette, Dignity and Grace.

2. Gain Self-understanding by tasting the true meaning of Combat.

3. Search for pure principles of Truth, Justice, and Beauty.

4. Exercise Positive Personality. That is to say-Confidence, Courage and Determination.

5. Always seek to Develop. The Character further, aiming towards Perfection and Complete Harmony with Creation.

道場標語 独自行精気

Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo Dojo Hyogo Dokujigyo seiki

Dojo Motto Spiritual development of individuality in Mind and Body.

万物活用善用 活人拳

Banbutsu Katsuyo Zenyo Katsu Jin Ken

Effective use of Creation for all the fist to creator of Life.


Shorinijryu Kenkokan Hombu Dojo training updates

Saturday 3-5pm Shinjuku Dojo Waseda, Tokyo Kantsuji Temple


Saturday 6:30-8:30 Ariake Dojo Koto Tokyo Ariake junior high school


Thursday 7-9pm Gotanda Dojo Shinagawa, Tokyo Gymnasium


Wednesday 5-6pm Toyosu Dojo Koto, Tokyo Instyle Yoga studio


Intership At The Hombu

INTERNSHIPS: Are you interested in a 1 Year Internship at the Hombu dojo in Tokyo. Obtain a visa for 1 year through the Hombu, train as much as you like, we help you to get an apartment and a job. Chance of a lifetime. Already 3 new Interns for this year. More spots available.

Contact Shihan Masamitsu Kudaka at the Hombu at:

Or, you may fill-in the form below and the Hombu will contact you!


  • Please enter your current rank.
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Welcome To The Hombu

The Shorinjiryu Hombu dojo would like to welcome everyone to the new website. The Shorinjiryu Hombu website is intended to be the home for all practitioners of Shorinjiryu. If you practice Shorinjiryu then the Hombu website is your portal to your Hombu. The Japan Hombu welcomes all Shorinjiryu practitioners and provides an opportunity for all to register and be directly associated with the Hombu.

By registering you will:

  1. Be a recognized member of the extended Shorinjiryu family;
  2. Be able to visit the Hombu and take classes;
  3. Be able to attend official international events;
  4. Be able to seek evaluation and recognition of your skill level at the Hombu and have your rank internationally recognized.

The Shorinjiryu family is large and expands to over 30 countries. Become a part of the larger family by keeping your registration up-to-date. Registering is easy and can be done online. Simply click the button below.