• Events

      • Okinawa Cultural Exchange Experience

        The current program design is based on a 6-day cultural experience:   Day One: Upon arrival you will be pickup from the airport. The experience will begin with a tour of Shuri Castle. The knowledge imparted form this tour involves introducing new trainees to the relationship between Japan, Okinawa, and China. Also, a detailed history Read More »
      • Annual grading December 16th 2023

        日時: 2023 年 12 月 16 日(土) 9 時~16時 場所: 千葉県浦安市総合体育館(バルバドールアリーナ) 第1,2武道場 千葉県浦安市舞浜 2-27 電話: 03-3666-1501 交通: JR 京葉線 舞浜駅 徒歩7分 参加費:5,000 円(弁当・審査料込) 次第: 9 時~形競技 11 時~演武 12 時~昼食 13 時~組手試合 15 時~昇段式 Date: December 16th 2023, Saturday 9am-4pm Venue: Urayasu City Gymnasium Budo Center Address: 2-27 Maihama Urayasu City CHIBA JAPAN Access: JR Read More »
      • Donation to World Koshiki Karatedo Federation

        Individual Donation of companies / organizations that can support and corporate Thank you very much for your support in WKKF like a always. WKKF is looking for individually /companies / organizations that can support and corporate. Currently we are apply to Certified Non Profit Organization in Japan. We needs 3,000JPY from 100 supporters. We will Read More »
      • Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 80th Birthday

        Founder of Koshiki Karatedo Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Hisataka Happy 80th Birthday! Thank you very much for your long time Guidance. 久高正之空観範士 80歳(傘寿)お誕生日おめでとうございます。 長年に渡るご指導に感謝申し上げます。 少林寺流拳行館空手道門下生一同 Read More »
      • Shorinijryu Kenkokan Hombu Dojo training updates

        Saturday 3-5pm Shinjuku Dojo Waseda, Tokyo Kantsuji Temple   Saturday 6:30-8:30 Ariake Dojo Koto Tokyo Ariake junior high school   Thursday 7-9pm Gotanda Dojo Shinagawa, Tokyo Gymnasium   Wednesday 5-6pm Toyosu Dojo Koto, Tokyo Instyle Yoga studio   Read More »
      • 拳行館アメブロ更新

        拳行館アメブロ Read More »
      • World Grand Prix-Okinawa-August-2019

        The International Organizing Committee takes great pleasure in extending to you our official invitation to the ‘Super Karate-do World Grand Prix’. This prestigious cultural event will be held on the 10th and 11th August 2019, at the famous Okinawa Prefecture Karate Kaikan, Okinawa, JAPAN. You are invited to partake in: Official welcome to the Super-Karate-do Read More »
      • Australia Brisbane Koshiki Tournament-June-2019

        Dear Hanshi Masamitsu Kudaka and the Japanese Koshiki Karatedo Federation, Titans Martial Arts Academy takes great pleasure in extending to you our official invitation to the ‘Brisbane City Koshiki Karatedo Tournament’. This prestigious cultural event will be held on the 2nd of June 2019, at New Farm State School, New Farm Brisbane, Australia. Super Karate-do Read More »
      • Koshiki Championship-Morocco-March-2019

        The Koshikli Seminar & Championship in Casablanca, Morocco will be held March 15th to March 17th. Interested parties should contact the Hombu at: Read More »
      • Canadian Koshiki Cup-March 2019

        The Canadian Koshiki Cup for 2019 is scheduled for March 16th in Ste. Sophie Quebec. All interested parties should contact Shihan Philip Nadeau at:     You may download the invitation letter in English HERE You may download the invitation letter in French HERE Read More »
      • Super Karatedo 2017 World Grand-Prix

        It is with great pleasure that the organizing committee of Super Karate-do World Grand Prix, and WKKF Seminar extend to you our Official Invitation to these prestigious events. The events will be held on 10th-11th of November, 2017 at the Urayasu city Gymnasium, Chiba JAPAN Read More »
      • 2017 Koshiki World Championship (28-July-2017)

        On behalf of the World Koshiki Karatedo Federation and the Canadian Koshiki Karatedo Association, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I officially invite you and your team to London, Ontario, Canada, July 28th-30th 2017 for the 2017 Koshiki Super Karatedo World Championships and the 2017 Canadian Open Koshiki Super Karatedo Championships. These events will be held on the beautiful campus of the University Of Western Ontario, in the city of London, Ontario. The year 2017 will also mark the 50 year anniversary of Hanshi Masayuki Hisataka’s arrival in Canada in 1967, where he introduced Shorinjiryu and Koshiki Karatedo Read More »